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jessica moore (2)
A. Zachary Wells (2)
E.M. Caine
Jessie Chalmers (2)
Jantine Saul
Maud Alexandra Arthur (2)
Erin Whitmore
Christine Squire (2)
Gina M. Granter (2)
Paul McPherson
c.a. ackland
Natalie Doiron
Jessica Henderson
Luke Dobek
Melanie Muise
V. Combden
Catherine Roberts
Jenny A. Johnson
Steven Wendland


Steve Schimp


Natalie Doiron



[It comes to me in times of great despair]

It comes to me in times of great despair,
When life’s cold hands have clenched me in the night;
I cannot shake the sentiment that’s there,
And through it all I’ve given up the fight.

There was a time when oceans made of blue
Would make me smile and dream of things to be;
We’d laugh at omens claiming to be true,
And I thought that was good enough for me.

The tides have turned and now I’m not so sure­—
The haze has lifted off and now it’s clear;
That what I’d seen before was just a blur,
A crazy image born and built on fear.

The moon has mystic powers I’ll admit—
But on the sunlit cliff I’d rather sit.


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