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Melanie Muise
V. Combden
Catherine Roberts
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Steven Wendland


Steve Schimp


V. Combden



“Camelot: Eternal”

My baby’s leaving when the storm recedes;
On a big white jet he’s going to soar.
His eyes will bleed into the cloudless sky,
and we will have loved before:
No more.

How quickly the Hands will tick you down
to some paradise in uncharted sea,
where yellow fish will win your heart
and elsewhere I will be.
Just me.
Yet forever the song plays on the wind--
that nostalgic strum--the pick of the air:
if you let it come, and you breathe the breeze,
you’ll remember Rapture and my honeydew hair.
But the players take leave, for they never arrived.
Illusions of longing: a senseless affair.

Nonetheless, I will visit in marijuana dreams,
lying naked on a cloud with waking-proof seams.
Hark the hushed band, that sweet riff on the wind,
‘bout that place we called Camelot,
where, entangled, we sinned.
Perhaps we could meet there, where we wept till we laughed:
to share an endless cigarette on a cinnamon raft.


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