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jessica moore (2)
A. Zachary Wells (2)
E.M. Caine
Jessie Chalmers (2)
Jantine Saul
Maud Alexandra Arthur (2)
Erin Whitmore
Christine Squire (2)
Gina M. Granter (2)
Paul McPherson
c.a. ackland
Natalie Doiron
Jessica Henderson
Luke Dobek
Melanie Muise
V. Combden
Catherine Roberts
Jenny A. Johnson
Steven Wendland


Steve Schimp


Maud Alexandra Arthur



Old Stone

they stand there - one sits
  invisible to the world
  from behind the old
      stone building
the old stone liquor store

bottle in brown paper bag
  smeared by soiled hands
   passing it
back and forth
              back and forth
   animated conversation
    so much to say
      all at once
    in co herent

swaying and wiping
        Juicy lips
    hollowed gushing
  an empty sparkle
from all those things
  they were going
    to be



You should see it
Right now        
As I see it from the yellow      

Anticipated by all
By me It is cold and fresh
As my hands freeze     
And my lips crack      
As my toes numb
And my back shivers  

I see      

Oh, the paint upon       
The water--       
Colours never painted              
By a brush but by the sky        

First black--      
As the bad luck cat      
Slinking slowly            

Then brown--  
As mud puddles           
Agitated, shaken          
Now Light Dark Navy
Dusty covered              
Rosy hues       

Whispered into place
By Moon’s mist of memory.
(This is what I want
to show you)

So as you listen
To my voice
You feel my movement

A creamy sky
Of twisted rainbows
Relaxing calm
Through silent noises
All around
   and you


You should see it.
Right now
As I see it from the yellow

The purpled mountains
The streaked sky
The trembling sea
And the Moon’s eye.


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