Fathom 1998



Inside Cover



J. Lapointe
Colleen Shea (2)
Michelle Banks
Maud Alexandra Arthur
Jacqueline Martin
V. Combden
Mary Kate Arnold
Neil Dauphinee


Mary Kate Arnold
Michael Catano
Kirt Callahan


Colleen Shea




I cannot bridle this desire
I cannot silence this loneliness.
I’m drawn to you against my will.
Will serves only to create tension
where resistance should not exist.
Wrestling with the angel of fear,
I fear I will be overcome,
and fear wins.
The fear wins when I become fear
and nothing can assuage me.
I will spread over this land
like black death, there is
nothing my stiff fingers will not touch.
Embrace me if you will;
but you will be frozen in that position


Tiger Lilies

The memories of their
bodies own these streets.
The penitent rain cannot
wash them away.
Shattered eyeballs
flavour our food.
Exploded brains fester in
the garden, fertilize the tiger lilies,
The bloody remains of arms
Colour our houses, embrace
their living descendants in cold
Lips that once kissed, that were
once attached to the faces of lovers,
whisper their legacy along the
quiet hopeless streets of the North End.
We are a diaspora of miraculous
survivors who cannot take joy in
our unlikely love. Prominently absent,
our ancestors strangle our
futures out of us - jealous
that our bodies are whole
even if our hearts are not.


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