Fathom 1998



Inside Cover



J. Lapointe
Colleen Shea (2)
Michelle Banks
Maud Alexandra Arthur
Jacqueline Martin
V. Combden
Mary Kate Arnold
Neil Dauphinee


Mary Kate Arnold
Michael Catano
Kirt Callahan


J. Lapointe



winner of the $100 fathom prize

The “Air Division”     

Delve into the anti,
Saving pretense and portent for
Erstwhile mechanical suck poets - delivering
Ambo borne lessons (lesions) for new broader
Demographic. Perhaps pure intention, but
Hardly new invention. Residents of Nevi,
Subplots emerge in nine lines, clearer than
Occidental obscurant obsequious. A book not
Indexed. A word without a book. Sinking
   shipmates play on, sea = tonic
Etruscan architects will plead for a harder fall, but
   they have been set down.
One only, the longest path, from dove above, to
crow below.


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