Fathom 1998



Inside Cover



J. Lapointe
Colleen Shea (2)
Michelle Banks
Maud Alexandra Arthur
Jacqueline Martin
V. Combden
Mary Kate Arnold
Neil Dauphinee


Mary Kate Arnold
Michael Catano
Kirt Callahan


V. Combden




I watched the boy beside me draw blue waves upon
his book,
and I was no longer beside him, but at a childhood dawn
and looking from without:
Beneath the government wharf I lay on a rock
that was tide-ironed smooth with a thousand years
of “to”s and “fro”s.

I awaited there the hour of eight when my daily world
same as yesterday, but perhaps a little further dim.
And so I shut it out with a deliberate wink: clanging
symbols prohibited,
And there was a city my mind then spied on the
backs of my lids
where everything that is smells of oxygen and beams
of birth,           .
where children have an endless fascination with

Through lids upon lenses marched children spelling
the day:
bowing in sync with cardboard lilies
while above my horizontal child that lay near inky
blue waves
Old Skipper Jack (though his name is John, by birth)
whistled sea urchins out of their spiny homes and
He was dying, I think,
in the womb of a cloud,
where he need not put away all childish things.


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