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J. Lapointe
Colleen Shea (2)
Michelle Banks
Maud Alexandra Arthur
Jacqueline Martin
V. Combden
Mary Kate Arnold
Neil Dauphinee


Mary Kate Arnold
Michael Catano
Kirt Callahan


Mary Kate Arnold



After Masayuki Suo’s Shall We Dance?

You can be Yul Brynner and I’ll be Deborah Kerr
Even though I may not have the height and you
Certainly have more hair than that. Your favourite
Shot: the one of Mr. Sugiyama dancing in the rain,

Like Gene Kelly in Singin’ In the Rain, “Right,”
You say but you don’t know about such things really.
Those musicals are too unmasculine for you, something
About the way a dancer has to swing his hips.

You surprise me: “There’s something very masculine
About gaining a woman’s trust like that and doing your
Utmost to protect your partner.” Mrs. Tamaka says
The first step is the most important and sets the

Mood for the whole dance (Okay, already, with your
arm barely touching mine in the movie theatre and my
hands neatly folded in my lap). You choke on your
Tea in the dark (so that’s why they don’t serve hot

lidless beverages in the multiplex). I drip Hazelnut
Gelato on my wool sweater (so that’s why they don’t
serve ice-cream in the multipiex). We are far too
Adventurous with our snacks and a little too

Cautious about making the first step (remember Mrs.
Tamaka’s words). My favourite shot: Mr. Sugiyama with
His cheek pressed up against the gloss of the commuter
Train window, looking up at the young dance instructor,

Who stands in the window, her white dress billowing in
The night air. You: “And didn’t you notice the green
And red in the film too, the same colour symbolism
Dante uses?” Me: “Right,” but I don’t know about
Such things really, too many semesters since I climbed
Up and down in translation. We file through the emptying
Theatre as the credits roll by in Japanese. We kick
Leaves in the sidewalk, walking our bikes home together

Along Robie round midnight. The street is dark and quiet
Save the oncoming smile of the student heading in our
Direction: “Hey Patty!” he shouts and you know, I thought
Patty was a girl’s name, like Patty Hearst and Peppermint

Patty and Patti Smith but maybe you’ll be Patty on
The dance floor, graceful and quick. I’ll do the bumping
Into and you can make the smooth recoveries. Patrick of
The serious voice on the telephone, shall we dance?

I’ve been humming it all day: our infectious laughter,
The way we smile together when the lights come up.


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