Fathom 1995



Inside Cover



Graham Touchie (4)
Jay White
Jacob Towers
Peggy Apostolides
Erica Spenser
Kathy Mac (4)
T. Gaoh
Rob Hutten
Guillaume van Moorsel


Karen Smith
C.A. Garbutt
Urs Frei


Jay White




I’ve become the convenience of a reprieve; lighter
than deliberation and
blood. At the junction of real-estate and civility appear
suddenly unencumbered
vistas: whole fields of hammers, sugarbowls in bloom, ladders
to anywhere. No receipt required –
no more whose cupboard-of-bones, what-stain-on-the-carpet,
are you anyway. Since you’ve been gone,
I’ve closed all the windows. They believe it is a signal.
My comings are going noticed.

Fear of the familiar – intimate as a cat on the front porch,
a bicycle in the yard.
Your absence has trampled the grass, keeps
asking me to lie flat. It’s no use.
Our neighbor slides
her cup across the table, tells of fog so thick
she couldn’t see the house.
In the wake of kindness, my hull creaks. Gulls keen across this
solitude, perch on
last nerves. It’s no wonder I can’t
answer the phone. The sun makes an eloquent excuse. Sooner
or later, even the mail is on time. From
the perspective of property
I consult the weeds of my youth; have learned
to wait for anything.


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