Fathom 1995



Inside Cover



Graham Touchie (4)
Jay White
Jacob Towers
Peggy Apostolides
Erica Spenser
Kathy Mac (4)
T. Gaoh
Rob Hutten
Guillaume van Moorsel


Karen Smith
C.A. Garbutt
Urs Frei


Jacob Towers




Some bars shade stripes across my face;
     Harken, darken; cold lights that shone
     The distilled breath of angel song:
A nearby call, yet distant place.
     Indifferent stands their lucid bond;
          And I within my space.

Impounded, and so much to gain;
     Engaged, enraged, my passions, pure;
     Diseased I lay, and without cure:
So much I do adore the strain.
     The frame remains, ever-secure;
          And I under its reign.

I peer for years with patient gaze;
     So sweetly, my harsh sentence served.
     Scant morsels dropped, hunger uncurbed:
Beyond my grasp, such rich displays.
     A love’s reward, judged undeserved;
          Still, forever close it stays.

Are you and I, still yet, to fly
     To the lofty rainbow we still chase?
     Still members of a different race:
Shall we crumble lest we try?
     Bars to hold me still in place;
          I prevail in my mind’s eye.

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