Fathom 1995



Inside Cover



Graham Touchie (4)
Jay White
Jacob Towers
Peggy Apostolides
Erica Spenser
Kathy Mac (4)
T. Gaoh
Rob Hutten
Guillaume van Moorsel


Karen Smith
C.A. Garbutt
Urs Frei


Erica Spenser



Faded letters, an old shirt, a dried flower.
Bruise on my upper arm from a hand too fierce.
Soft sound of my fingers on a piano.
You listening as I spun my dreams
     like a fragile web.
Bells calling on a distant November day.
Dirty coffee cups arrayed on a counter.
Rumpled clothes, an overflowing ashtray.
Scars on my soul.
My human fallacy, always to view the world
     through stain-glassed eyes.


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