Fathom 1995



Inside Cover



Graham Touchie (4)
Jay White
Jacob Towers
Peggy Apostolides
Erica Spenser
Kathy Mac (4)
T. Gaoh
Rob Hutten
Guillaume van Moorsel


Karen Smith
C.A. Garbutt
Urs Frei


Peggy Apostolides



The King

Swooping low over silvery mists,
The king of sea and storm.
Plunging down with taloned fists,
A fierce fisherman in form.

Eyes black as coals, intense with hunger,
Shrewdly baiting, eagerly waiting for
The rise and fall of the waves.
In anticipation of a careless wanderer
To snatch up greedily
Between sharpened claws.

Cockily strutting across
A stretch of rippling dunes,
Leaving a set of dainty prints
Engraved on Poseidon’s floor.
Leading up to the mysterious edge
Of that vast abyss of blue-grey foam.

Feathers fringed and fluttering,
It dives beneath the sea,
Its snow-crested head lost
Beneath the wild blue deviltry.
With a blood-curdling scream it takes flight,
Swooping above the heavens.

Leaving behind the salty spray,
Entering a world of crimson,
Blood-stained clouds, dying embers of gold,
A panorama of the gods.
Ending in the lighting of
A million blazing stars.

It alights atop a jagged crag,
A lone shadow against a cliff.
Winds tug at its plumy flag,
As it vanishes into the mist.


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