Fathom 1994



Inside Cover



Graham Touchie (3)
Derrick Higginbotham
Tara J. Hoag (3)
Jason Holt (3)
Nadine Herman


Otto Lambert
Michael Kohn
Peter J. Taylor
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew MacLeod
Kenneth Gordon
Urs Frei


Andrew MacLeod



If I Had Talent I Wouldn’t Get Upset

When I go for walks in the park I like to take balloons. A balloon on a string. If it couldn’t be broken, it would be better. Someone could always come along with a pea shooter or a sling shot and ruin it. Then I would want to leave the park. Go home, get into bed and plot out the death of the balloon murderer. I would swear to find him and tell him that I hate him. Why would he break my balloon? If he wasn’t alive everyone would be happy.


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