Fathom 1994



Inside Cover



Graham Touchie (3)
Derrick Higginbotham
Tara J. Hoag (3)
Jason Holt (3)
Nadine Herman


Otto Lambert
Michael Kohn
Peter J. Taylor
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew MacLeod
Kenneth Gordon
Urs Frei


Jason Holt



[from every corner’s perch]

from every corner’s perch
sense and sensibilia
yawp a deluge
of scatter and publicity

earmuffed and gaunt
in this our discontent
she the evermistress
stands for my detainment

her lips paintlustilv
in lipstick puckered
are clues petaldropped
on filtercrush and cuprim

would that I might
would that she would
but lo the stone principia
distinguish me at last


[they have relaxed at my foot]

they have relaxed at my foot
these stepons giftgiven
in season of need
from brochures curious
and to this and this
shadow of education
this brink of reminder
this world confederate
I bring a postcard
depicting insufferably
the blanket tom ribbonly
the haultitle winched
the wicket unapproached
the ticketmaster garrulous
punching holes in the air


[no need for tearfulness]

no need for tearfulness
dispatches are the deaths
of Camusian Arabs
beached from swarming
sanded in knifebutt recline

let fade to black
with the broadside of pitch
the middle name of pride
after all a breaking
after all Karenin’s sump

you while departed
will abet no inkling
as to the buckled Molloy
by justest way of baggy
public nuisance number one


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