Fathom 1994



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Graham Touchie (3)
Derrick Higginbotham
Tara J. Hoag (3)
Jason Holt (3)
Nadine Herman


Otto Lambert
Michael Kohn
Peter J. Taylor
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew MacLeod
Kenneth Gordon
Urs Frei


Nadine Herman



A Stranger at Vimy Ridge

In the green shadow of your silence
Mother moves out from beneath you
and stretches beyond your red hillside poppies
to tickle the white spittle
thrust ashore by nearby tempest seas.

With my back against the stone ledge boasting
the clattery wooden gate,
I run my fingers through the green and yellow blades of grass
eagerly echoing the summer breeze,
wondering as I stare blankly at your headstone,
if you were a victim or a hero...
valiant soldier...
Did it really make a difference?

The flowers that I lay
before your whisper of retreat,  
daisies from a field,
are my offering.
But unlike solemn memories,
they will fade, crumble
and die.

We turn to the car –
the sun is falling.
I feel numb with your memories, as I pull
a woolen sweater around my shoulders.

My father drives;
I sleep,
forgetting not
how well kept your resting place was:
the short green grass,
flowers planted before
each and every grave

and the clatter of the
wooden gate as I pulled it shut
behind you.


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