Fathom 1993



Inside Cover



Jason Holt (3)
Dana Graham
Mariam Pirbhai (3)
r.j. inglis
Sean Maschmann
Graham Touchie (3)
Leslie Stockhausen
Nicole Fernandez
Helen Prosser
Sean Lawrence
Simon Gauci
Derrick Higginbotham


Ramona Ryan 1
Ramona Ryan 2
Urs Frei


Graham Touchie



[muses and vandal]

muses and vandal
close to the
end of all springing,
that locked door
end of dark tunnel’s
waist-high water,
fear-sprung, once?
life-sprung -that was twice
love-sprung three times the
loss of control
and envy, springing
words instead
we are all naked
and they lean against me,
head upon my shoulders,
breasts upon my back,
they are simply
watching more closely
entering my mind.


morning toronto spring - you go to work

“...though it is straying
        God, something stays”

only closer
until it shakes, you
look outside
to where it breaks
in daylight, bus-stop, so;
too beautiful a day
again, to time a world
and work away,
to ache with beauty as

you stray among us.


my own vineyard I have not kept

I drink the smoke,
and the dirt and the dust
passing by,
more than pleased
here where love
has left me.
sure, love, every moment
I die
from your rule. but
surely death
dives on down
eyes averted
when you pass,
and his tears
buy him moment
by century
from his work.

I know you
his path.


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