Fathom 1993



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Jason Holt (3)
Dana Graham
Mariam Pirbhai (3)
r.j. inglis
Sean Maschmann
Graham Touchie (3)
Leslie Stockhausen
Nicole Fernandez
Helen Prosser
Sean Lawrence
Simon Gauci
Derrick Higginbotham


Ramona Ryan 1
Ramona Ryan 2
Urs Frei


Ramona Ryan




     There’s a picture I’m thinking of as I watch the neighbour’s cat watch a crow. A white and black cat, spotted, like a white and black cow – splotches of black around the tail, along the belly, on top the head – stand beside a black and white cow. At first I thought of a Dalmatian but the spotting is too even. Maybe a mutt... (There must be a mutt somewhere with cow-like spots.) All three are lined up – from the cat to the dog to the cow (feline/canine/bovine). All together like the black and white postcards I see at the Blower’s Street paper shop – looking into the camera, looking, therefore, at you. You take the place (of the place) of the camera and think immediate thoughts about the shot animal: Isn’t it cute?; It looks like it’s having fun./ a thought./ a fit. . .; blah; blah; blah. The black and white spots, if you could get them so that the black spots look like they spilt all over the animals – I think that would make it an interesting unity. Mammals – totally different species – with similar markings. Like you taking over for the camera – the machine. The dynamics would disturb the sensitive prejudiced. The joke would be had by the violent philosopher. And if the expressions were just right, like that of surprise on all three animals, then it would capture the market (or people) that like animals (or non-humans) who seem to portray human expressions – as all expressions must be human. Beasts (or non-humans) are not to have expressions... normally.
This is the abnonnal.
     Forcing the three to be in one spot, with one expression, looking at one camera (or you). We are just one. Or we are one. Or we are one in the same. As the camera. Observe and
     ...normality. aNd view the abnormal.


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