Fathom 1993



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Jason Holt (3)
Dana Graham
Mariam Pirbhai (3)
r.j. inglis
Sean Maschmann
Graham Touchie (3)
Leslie Stockhausen
Nicole Fernandez
Helen Prosser
Sean Lawrence
Simon Gauci
Derrick Higginbotham


Ramona Ryan 1
Ramona Ryan 2
Urs Frei


r.j. inglis



i haunted your places down town

i drifted into coffee shops
and smelled you on tables
beneath dust unsettled
and smeared into the palm
of my hand.

i know the magazines
that held you
transfixed for a moment
the ones you
picked up. i see
where your fingers
have touched the paper.

i move into small diners
in which your tea
is still sitting in
the sink behind
swinging doors.

i can hear the unspeakable elements in your voice
still hanging above this clatter
waiting to fall softly
to the floors and tables
when everyone has gone.

i am staring out of bus windows
waiting to see your mouth
beneath your winter hat
your large coat
draped over you

i am walking up the street
slowly. if you see me
i will say
that i am lost.


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