Fathom 1993



Inside Cover



Jason Holt (3)
Dana Graham
Mariam Pirbhai (3)
r.j. inglis
Sean Maschmann
Graham Touchie (3)
Leslie Stockhausen
Nicole Fernandez
Helen Prosser
Sean Lawrence
Simon Gauci
Derrick Higginbotham


Ramona Ryan 1
Ramona Ryan 2
Urs Frei


Nicole Fernandez



[At this time]

At this time
You may see in me
A change for the better
And for the worse.
For at this time
When clothed in fire
Trees abandon their blanket
And shiver in frost.
You may see
If you look in me
Look deeply,
How I shiver and burn.
Governed not by seasons
Nor am I trembling in the wind;
But at this time
What is seen in me
Is you:
The Wolf. The Rock.


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