Fathom 1992



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Derrick E. Higginbotham (2)
KimRilda LeBlanc (2)
Sean Kirby (2)
Graham Touchie (3)
Julie Traves
Ken Samberg (3)
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Dana James (2)
Morgan O’Connor (3)
Alex Mason (2)
G. J. Munro
Stephen Saunders (2)
Steve LeBlanc
Duncan McCue (3)


Adrian Vanderwiel


Julie Traves



Marxist Lust

warm skin, pressing against my cold hands.
dialectical tolerance, rising and falling like
heaving chests.
a muse in disguise, pulling thoughts with each caress.
stroking the demons to sleep,
quiet in the darkness,
lulled by heartbeats,
his so much easier to hear than mine.
I lie, listening, examining the history of his body –
when will our abilities and needs synthesize?


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