Fathom 1992



Inside Cover



Derrick E. Higginbotham (2)
KimRilda LeBlanc (2)
Sean Kirby (2)
Graham Touchie (3)
Julie Traves
Ken Samberg (3)
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Dana James (2)
Morgan O’Connor (3)
Alex Mason (2)
G. J. Munro
Stephen Saunders (2)
Steve LeBlanc
Duncan McCue (3)


Adrian Vanderwiel


Steve LeBlanc



A Tribute to Starry Night

A cool breeze curled through the air
Passing silently over the rooftops of the
       village below.
The soft glow of the stars spread
       their haze
Innocently over the heads of all.

A broken and gnarled old tree trunk
Thrust itself defiantly into the night,
Matching the challenge of the steeple

The muddles rooftops rested like
On the ocean floor that was the valley.
And the people slept on,
Impervious to the currents that
       rustled the snow
From the coral mountains beyond.

This was the scene on the starry night
That existed in the mind
Of the man who stroked his brush
Lovingly over the canvas of life.


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