Fathom 1992



Inside Cover



Derrick E. Higginbotham (2)
KimRilda LeBlanc (2)
Sean Kirby (2)
Graham Touchie (3)
Julie Traves
Ken Samberg (3)
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Dana James (2)
Morgan O’Connor (3)
Alex Mason (2)
G. J. Munro
Stephen Saunders (2)
Steve LeBlanc
Duncan McCue (3)


Adrian Vanderwiel


Morgan O’Connor



The Entrance

It was a hospital hallway
cold, bureaucratic and very, very white
My footsteps echoed like a H.C. yodeller
I came to the door that said “Heaven”
As they told me at the desk, number 999
Pushing the chime
thinking of a Bob Dylan song.

St. Peter answered
white, male, heterosexual and quite cheerful
he was
He smiled and asked
“How is the weather down under?”
“Splendid,” said I, in reply

Then Peter asked if I knew any tricks
I asked for a bottle o’beer
and opened it with my eye
Pete smirked, and sold me a T-shirt
as I entered Paradise


I Know Beauty.

I know Beauty.
She sits near the musty reference books.
She smiles at me,
If I catch her eye.
I wonder if her eyes are really reading.
I wonder if her mind is clocks or fireworks.
intriguing, delicate, minding her smooth Celtic
skin in a fantasy of courtly moments,
She smiles at me.
Only Beauty can enlighten my drafty corner.
I know Beauty.
But only from afar.


Just Something to Base a Life On:

It is easy to tie yourself in a twisted morbid knot
        With cats crawling and scrawling in your head.
It is easy to lock yourself up in an iron cage of
                 hatred and violence.
        With rats nibbling at your pubic hair in search of
                 lust and money.
It is easy to pocket your hands, close your coat and
                 walk through the streets
                 lonely, yearning and cold.
        With lions opening their mouths to tempt your head
                 with glory, excitement and fame.
It is difficult to untie, unlock and open yourself to
        With smooth colourful balloons jaunting above
                 Cupid-struck thoughts.


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