Fathom 1992



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Derrick E. Higginbotham (2)
KimRilda LeBlanc (2)
Sean Kirby (2)
Graham Touchie (3)
Julie Traves
Ken Samberg (3)
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Dana James (2)
Morgan O’Connor (3)
Alex Mason (2)
G. J. Munro
Stephen Saunders (2)
Steve LeBlanc
Duncan McCue (3)


Adrian Vanderwiel





The Universe

Black construction paper laid out on the table top clean,
Cut-out circles of red, orange and green.

The planets are then abandoned – with glue they’ll stay,
Milk drips down and creates the stars of the Milky Way.

Then tiny hands drop crumbs of cookies,
                      maybe another planet and a moon.

The universe is left alone.

And while the children sleep and dream of their beautiful day
The people of the world creep in through the door and
                      throw it all away.


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