Fathom 1992



Inside Cover



Derrick E. Higginbotham (2)
KimRilda LeBlanc (2)
Sean Kirby (2)
Graham Touchie (3)
Julie Traves
Ken Samberg (3)
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Dana James (2)
Morgan O’Connor (3)
Alex Mason (2)
G. J. Munro
Stephen Saunders (2)
Steve LeBlanc
Duncan McCue (3)


Adrian Vanderwiel


Dana James




Kneeling, I lick the salt from your skin,
mesmerized by the rise and fall of your voice,
praying to your gods of ice and ego.
I feel my innocence slip through your fingers
          like sand
       or shards of glass.
Left alone now,
in the moon yellowed night,
ice crystals snapping beneath my soles,
wrapped in the warmth of the mixture of liquids, which
evaporate with the rising sun.


In My Garden

Through the damp greenness padding with swaying
barefoot steps;
rounded belly,
heavy breasts,
thighs wet with menstrual blood...
Darklight filters through vines thickly hanging with
pollen –
­cups of gold,
and the smell of you mixes with the heavy sweet air
on my naked skin.

But your razor tongue blade slips down my throat
choking, my own blood frothing through my own mouth
gaping eyes edged white
wordless sounds of animal limbs howling
caught in steel trapped tongue
while you force your words between my legs
in my garden.


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