Fathom 1991



Inside Cover



R.A. Killawee
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Kathlyn Schweyer
M. Littlejohn
Martin Wanless
Thane K. Sherrington (2)
Edward W. N. Meers (2)
Gwynedd Morgan
Shannon Webb (2)
Anton (3)
John D. Boutilier (2)


Katie Bowden
Urs Frei
Derrick Higginbotham


Thane K. Sherrington



Moon Net

Above the sea, the swelling moon.
Reels in its net, pulling the sea.
A part of me that is the sea, flows too,
Toward the moon.
Its call tempts me to forsake my mortal place,
And swim across the night, like the sea
To the moon.
Reaching out my hand, I cup the moon.
I feel its cold, pitted surface.
The moon calls the sea, calls me.
We both move by the moon.


The Moon and I

Benealh the swelling moon, I stand
One dark observer, watching Night.
Far off, the lonely loon
Calls across the night,
Moaning itself to sleep.
The trees, starlit and silhouetted in the night,
Stand like sharp spikes at the edge of the world.
Guardians to ward off what exists outside.
I spread myself on the cool night air.
I could be the only one in miles,
Perhaps the only one.
For all I see is the moon, the trees, and I.
All else is fantasy.
Dreamed by the grim light of the sun.
Here all is silver; and the wind,
Blowing across the night,
Seems somehow to know me, know the moon.
There is a brotherhood between the moon and I,
Though neither of us speak it openly.
He moves in his sphere, and I, mine.
But both know the wind.


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