Fathom 1991



Inside Cover



R.A. Killawee
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Kathlyn Schweyer
M. Littlejohn
Martin Wanless
Thane K. Sherrington (2)
Edward W. N. Meers (2)
Gwynedd Morgan
Shannon Webb (2)
Anton (3)
John D. Boutilier (2)


Katie Bowden
Urs Frei
Derrick Higginbotham


Kathlyn Schweyer




expression of success
transacted major business deal
big career move
Tailored, pressed suit,
the perfect impression.
Brief case open to paperwork;
ready to start executive job.

Faint traces of lipstick,
fingerprints pressing in,
smudging the glass.
Golden brown liquid,
sharp edges of lees.
cutting the surface.

Splashes reach up
marring perfect make-up,
glossing over achievements,
indenting around eyes,
across cheeks,
touching the woman’s face.


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