Fathom 1991



Inside Cover



R.A. Killawee
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Kathlyn Schweyer
M. Littlejohn
Martin Wanless
Thane K. Sherrington (2)
Edward W. N. Meers (2)
Gwynedd Morgan
Shannon Webb (2)
Anton (3)
John D. Boutilier (2)


Katie Bowden
Urs Frei
Derrick Higginbotham


Gwynedd Morgan



The Dancer

She stretches shyly. Sunlit
Motes resin smell small room fills
Barre links lean point to begin

Dance. Dance sun. Dance light.
Dance light sun til sunlight flickers
And moon silver sky night floods.

She reaches out. Arms swaying
Golden ribbon arms flowing move
Boneless fold liquid body to

Dance. Dance wind. Dance song.
Dance song wind til windsong whispers
And star lullaby murmur hidden hush.

She extends. Sheer stretch pull of
Muscles poise tense to heaven soar
Delicate strength float nymph elated to

Dance. Dance feather. Dance high.
Dance high feather till featherhigh leaps
And joy hangs gravity defying flight.

She balances. Arched back bends
Arabesque frail holds mortal seconds
Green glass splinters molten crystal to

Dance. Dance flame. Dance silver.
Dance silver flame till flame sliver sings
And lucid harp breathes human fire.

She whirls wide. Rapture outflung
Spins laughing bubble ineffable circle
Yielding limbs hug center vortex to

Dance. Dance love. Dance shimmer.
Dance shimmer love til loveshimmer fades
And sky morning pearl ecstasy washes.

She relaxes. Creative pliant steel
Relinquishes shifting divine
Becomes fragility incarnate to end

Dance. Dance silence. Dance ethereal.
Dance ethereal silence till silence ethereal sleepy
Quicksilver melody falls to dream.


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