Fathom 1991



Inside Cover



R.A. Killawee
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Kathlyn Schweyer
M. Littlejohn
Martin Wanless
Thane K. Sherrington (2)
Edward W. N. Meers (2)
Gwynedd Morgan
Shannon Webb (2)
Anton (3)
John D. Boutilier (2)


Katie Bowden
Urs Frei
Derrick Higginbotham


R.A. Killawee



The World’s Young Masters

The lust of the young, honest exuberance,
steams in our blood with passion and power
stirring the charnal-house cobwebs with fire
and voicing the howl demanding our place.

Your wisdom of ages grows decadent fungus,
deserting your people and sapping your strength.
Your truths lie, gathering dust in your councils,
your rusty swords, riven and bent, shall make chains.

Tumbling out of the blasts of the maelstrom
crawls a halt-man, no face, toes, or genitals.
Remnants of his shattered world batter him
no longer, and he bleeds easily now.

A pale youth sits on a rotten stump,
spitting contempt in the open wounds.
He claims for himself the mantle of power;
above him a sword hangs, on fraying thread.


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