Fathom 1991



Inside Cover



R.A. Killawee
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Kathlyn Schweyer
M. Littlejohn
Martin Wanless
Thane K. Sherrington (2)
Edward W. N. Meers (2)
Gwynedd Morgan
Shannon Webb (2)
Anton (3)
John D. Boutilier (2)


Katie Bowden
Urs Frei
Derrick Higginbotham


John D. Boutilier




Do you remember
the first time
we made love?

It was raining and
you were so
beautiful I cried.

It’s no longer raining
but you are still

I’m still crying.



The night is strong,
Strong with passion and fervour.
It holds a magical power
Over me... its grandeur
Draws me nearer its boundaries.
A single light atop a pole
Illuminates only an instant
Of power and magic in my mind.
Its voice heralds
The coming dawn when light
Will again allow false faces
To grin and shine.
One has no secrets from the night.
There is no choice but to be true
In the dark.


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