Fathom 1990



Inside Cover



Gina M. Beaton
S.M. Webb (4)
S.A. Galliah (2)
Joe Blades (3)
Rick Armstrong
Timothy Dansdill
Louann M. R. Scallion
G.J. Munro
Laura L. Beaton
Edward W. N. Meers
Nick Lolordo (2)
Mike Butler
Lisa Michelle Fiander (2)


Yassarian King
Martin Doucette


H.A. Hutchinson


Nick Lolordo



No Fortune Cookie

This disenchanted evening:
cheap takeaway irony
served up by the Good Luck –
– eaten in a cluttered room
close with friends
talking too much of nothing,
toasting sweet & sour sadness
in every dish on the menu
and wondering
if her inaccessible lips
five minutes away
would taste any different.  


Snow is General

After watching the storm begin
I have gone out to catch snowflakes
With intent.
They swirl around me.
I shall taste them for the first time
I select a target.
I tense my body, leaning
up and out.
My tongue extends – and
I have it
An instantaneous implosion –
a crispness –
and nothing
the flavour of absence –
or of mystery.
for the rich aftertaste of evocation
lingers on,
reminding me...
And I already know that each
will taste unlike every other,
and I yank off my hat and
I let the little beauties fall
over my upturned face,
greedily gulping the taste of
pure possibility.
and later, leaning on the radiator,
I gaze out my back window
at their steady fall
and I wonder –

what if Joyce had flung his lifeless pen
aside, and hurried out
into the Dublin streets
among that soft slow shower of
tiny epiphanies,
to catch a faintly falling flake
on t he tip of his
tender tongue?


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