Fathom 1990



Inside Cover



Gina M. Beaton
S.M. Webb (4)
S.A. Galliah (2)
Joe Blades (3)
Rick Armstrong
Timothy Dansdill
Louann M. R. Scallion
G.J. Munro
Laura L. Beaton
Edward W. N. Meers
Nick Lolordo (2)
Mike Butler
Lisa Michelle Fiander (2)


Yassarian King
Martin Doucette


H.A. Hutchinson


Mike Butler




Only twenty minutes remain...

It is a most wondrous green. A soft pale green that
gently caresses the eye. It is the grass which holds such a
fascinating shade; grass that covers the valley in a single
uniform strip broken only by a few scattered evergreens and
by a small pond. Ten minutes left. The pond itself is perhaps
two feet deep, the bottom completely covered with small
multicolored stones. They are round and smooth and seem
almost olive with color and light. Five minutes now, you can
hear the soft persistent ticking of the clock. The water is
crystal clear and reflects the brilliant blue of the sky. One
minute left, you can feel the vibrations of the second hand
starting on its final circle of death The majestic trees, stand
like sentinels watching over the valley, protecting as they have
for the past hundred years. There is no time left, a millisecond
of life, a sudden flash of light, a blinding wind-storm. and it is
all over, all of it evaporating into the cool morning air.


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