Fathom 1989



Inside Cover



M.L. McConnell (3)
Roy McDonald (2)
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Rebecca Kniseer (3)
Rick Armstrong (2)
Vince Tinguely (2)
H.G. Prosser (5)
Jim Hoyle
Robert Bosch
Lisa Michelle Fiander (2)
Joe Blades (3)


H.G. Prosser



The Noise in the Scenery

Are we sinking? There is a rose in one day
and a rose in the next. A blessing on those
who get in the way. They are
the noise in the scenery.
Around us all are shadows and flowers
and still we are sinking.



In its green time,
is this the pivot?
The ledge of new leaves
on constant trees.
Is this the one place where we stop
and say “something’s season is repeated?”


Holiday in the Dark

Undressing in winter dark.
So much more to pull off
but the same underneath.
After years of practice,
the toes pull loose sock
up through pantlegs
and give them one flip.
The shirt is off
with a rip through snaps.
A hard talk with the stars.
about losing a lot and taking off the head.
Because it is so cold an dry
the sparks and the sparks and the sparks.  


Fire, roses, fainting

She said, “My face is tight
the black wind is with me tonight and you will give me no

Apricot fire of heart
do not laze and go out.
She is grateful now for days
with a little thicker skin.


A Corner of the House

I hold a corner of Ole house.
Inside the doors, an old woman sits
like the world taught her to.
And if she is bent and winter is coming
she is sweeter


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