Fathom 1989



Inside Cover



M.L. McConnell (3)
Roy McDonald (2)
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Rebecca Kniseer (3)
Rick Armstrong (2)
Vince Tinguely (2)
H.G. Prosser (5)
Jim Hoyle
Robert Bosch
Lisa Michelle Fiander (2)
Joe Blades (3)


Robert Bosch



The Graveyard

Below the boughs, the rafters in the church
The withered breath, the stoning lack of sound
Sings above all nature in the dirge
That this has been appointed sacred ground
This is the ground to which they were condemned
They, the faces buried all around
This does not seem a gate, it seems an end
this is the land which Ely promised them

Senile branches now seem to forget
Leaves lost to autumn’s bitter cider breeze
And rain smeared stones, with heads bowed in regret
Mark the names who like below the leaves
But the names smeared when the rain first washed them
As the leaves turned brown while on the trees
Like the leaves they cling, failing to function
Grasping the very nails of crucifiction

Among thickets and dark arthritic trees
The only sound is from the bitter wind
It churns my blood into a bitter sea
A sea where I no longer wish to swim
If mourners come, they should let me drown
But if morning comes I will let it in
I have let go this tree where 1 was bound
Prepared to fall like leaves upon the ground


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