Fathom 1989



Inside Cover



M.L. McConnell (3)
Roy McDonald (2)
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Rebecca Kniseer (3)
Rick Armstrong (2)
Vince Tinguely (2)
H.G. Prosser (5)
Jim Hoyle
Robert Bosch
Lisa Michelle Fiander (2)
Joe Blades (3)


Joe Blades



lend me your eye

  a tube of krazy
glue II is worth 32 ears
of corn
  a tube of krazy
glue II costs one hour
of minimum wage
  a tube of krazy
glue II after federal manufacturing
tax and retailer mark-up costs one hour
of august 1988 nova scotia minimum wage slave
labour before deductions (unless you are
under 18 years of age deemed to be unskilled
and have a really cheap boss who wont even pay
a pack of cigarettes or a tube of regular krazy
glue an hour) plus 10% hospital services tax
  that’s better

  give me your ears
  old wizen hair sticking out
  ill shout at them
  throw in the krazy
  glue II and i’ll stick them
  where light has never

  van gogh never had so many
  ears until his last painting    businessmen flying over a deaf
  sunflowers in japan will
  not depreciate but

  hey man
know where i can gel a kilo
of chicken for a tube of krazy
glue II four lighlbulbs two return
bus trips downtown can’t get much
  what can you afford?



i come
       for existence:
    the natural
  but simple in

    take the footpath
to berry vines
    handfuls of fruit
eased off cores

yet i have
  rare in my suburb
     rhythms hostile
to security
  and electronic corners
      of control

my concentration
   lights on
   a quandary
but in most ways
   there is enough
to coexist


incident at Mill Grove

Audubon killed
to enrich and render
    in France he drew under
the hand of Jacques Louis David carved
a wooden dodo    kicked it
broke it to atoms... walked off
and thought some more

    in America he bathed in the river
one morning returning to town for wire
and his gun
    again at Miff Grove
he shot the first kingfisher he met
pierced its body with wire
fixed it to a board
another wire held the head
smaller ones the feet
and there
standing before him:
          the real kingfisher
he sketched the bird’s
outline  colored it
his first drawing from nature

to draw the beauty
to document
to identify
     kill   and more killing
       what will happen
to habitat
to species

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