Fathom 1988



Inside Cover



Dor Arie
Gail Whitter (4)
Carla DiGiorgio
G. J. Munro (4)
Dorothy Gracie (3)
E. Sylvian
Gina M. Beaton (3)
Laura Beaton
Margaret Gracie (2)
Sara Holland
Litsa Tsuluhas (2)
Katie Brooks
Kathy Mac (4)


Kathy Mac


E. Sylvian



[Pandora’s Box explodes in my face]

Pandora’s Box explodes in my face,
Devoid of my consciousness
Eroding the stability of my base.
Questioning eyes probe my colors.
Building scars upon my subconsciousness.
Whose fault is it–my parents? Yours?–God
forbid, mine?
My sheltered security that I shunned has
become my treasure.
Like a child I am learning to crawl again.
Hoping to walk.
Needing to run.


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