Fathom 1988



Inside Cover



Dor Arie
Gail Whitter (4)
Carla DiGiorgio
G. J. Munro (4)
Dorothy Gracie (3)
E. Sylvian
Gina M. Beaton (3)
Laura Beaton
Margaret Gracie (2)
Sara Holland
Litsa Tsuluhas (2)
Katie Brooks
Kathy Mac (4)


Kathy Mac


G. J. Munro



[Cracked and broken pieces of pottery]

Cracked and broken pieces of pottery
Bent spoons
Reflecting broken lives
Bent promises
The Family of Man
Let its children die
Destroyed by camps
gas, bullets, experiments
Until now sorrow spreads
Like some nightmare world
inhabiting a landscape with
a scarecrow people
Eyes filled with horror and defeat
What price our souls
We cannot afford them anymore
We lost them in Birkeneau
With the children of God
forsaken by man
condemned to death
by animals


[Pain remembered]

Pain remembered
makes the eyes wet
The chest tight. Anguish
It tears apart the cold
Outer surfaces
And destroys the inner soul


[Death waits down the street]

Death waits down the street
Flowing around the children
Crushing the elders
Where was God at Auschwitz
Did He hide
Was He ashamed, was He angry
Did he not want retribution
I do, even now I pray
Please punish them
For thousands of years of
Unending persecution
Please stop it make it better
You are our Father
We are your children


[I dream]

I dream
and when I do
light forms
are translated
by thoughts
into being


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