Fathom 1988



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Dor Arie
Gail Whitter (4)
Carla DiGiorgio
G. J. Munro (4)
Dorothy Gracie (3)
E. Sylvian
Gina M. Beaton (3)
Laura Beaton
Margaret Gracie (2)
Sara Holland
Litsa Tsuluhas (2)
Katie Brooks
Kathy Mac (4)


Kathy Mac


Sara Holland



Piccadilly Station

And the underground moans,
You’re on your own,
The grime of the station,
Remnants of mass population.
To come above ground to
face the fact
that time’s progressing;
There’s no turning back.
The grunge-ridden sun it blinds,
Reality is unkind;
To face the street,
The cool or the heat,
And the dog-eat-dog day
tastes sour not sweet.
So like a mole to it’s hole,
Like a corpse to it’s tomb,
Like a worm earthbound,
I return to the underground.


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