Fathom 1988



Inside Cover



Dor Arie
Gail Whitter (4)
Carla DiGiorgio
G. J. Munro (4)
Dorothy Gracie (3)
E. Sylvian
Gina M. Beaton (3)
Laura Beaton
Margaret Gracie (2)
Sara Holland
Litsa Tsuluhas (2)
Katie Brooks
Kathy Mac (4)


Kathy Mac


Gina M. Beaton



[Dark rain]

Dark rain
pours over the plains of Neruda
where the destiny of wishes roam
fruitless and painful
winds calling out
haunting refrain echoes into nothingness

Dark drops
like opulent blood flowing
its wealth never questioned
only the source from which it originates
a tale of unimaginable
unspeakable destination

Dark angel
from whence it came
crystal life at bay
refusing karma to life in limbo
there is an answer


Dreams In Flight

Reach back for a whisper
Of passion and desire
Long since past
But a memory in the night
Stretching the limits
Mind aching with empty
Dreams in flight

There is no boundary
No sacred ground
Whispers find their way
Into the light
Murmurs out of sight
Long hours in the night
Dreams in flight

When does it end
Or has it a beginning
Never know forever
Time travels slow
Like and down the sea
A hint of whispers
Haunting the night
Dreams in flight



Shivers of time
Reflections in the mind
Flicker quickly by
Like a candle in the breeze
Bums bright and then is gone
Vanquished from the order
And regimentation of your mind

Strands of thoughts
Find their way in
Dally in your dreams
Like a story needing to be told
Living them as realities
But then the night is gone
Melt away in the day

Shattered hopes
They are the dreams
That died in reality
Twisting and writhing
In the death throes
Become ghosts of your mind
Haunting and playing games
They live on
in time.


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