Fathom 1988



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Dor Arie
Gail Whitter (4)
Carla DiGiorgio
G. J. Munro (4)
Dorothy Gracie (3)
E. Sylvian
Gina M. Beaton (3)
Laura Beaton
Margaret Gracie (2)
Sara Holland
Litsa Tsuluhas (2)
Katie Brooks
Kathy Mac (4)


Kathy Mac


Dorothy Gracie



Into the Night

Standing by the shade
Bordering the light
A solitary figure
Brings ecstasy to night

Silently it lingers
With hair as fair as gold
On which the moonlight dances
And morning softly scolds

Temptation stares into its eyes
As I stroll across the room,
And suddenly the figure flees
Into the night’s impending doom.


Alone in My Room

Alone in my room
Alone with my thoughts
I think of you.

Alone in my room
Alone in my mind
I see you.

Alone in my room
Alone in your eyes
I fear you


Camouflaged Soul

Deep inside the abyss
formed within your eyes
I see a frightened infant
Who cannot bear the lies.

Between the words that fall
so sultry from your lips
I hear a fallen angel
Just daring to be kissed.
Within your inner being
camouflaged in red
I sense a mortal hunger
Waiting to be fed.

Among the fear and hatred
you harbour in your smile
I feel a bitter anguish
And I stay for just awhile.


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