Fathom 1987



Inside Cover



Paul Keen (2)
Paula Alexiadis
Alex Gigeroff
Nicholas Strachan (3)
Joe Blades (6)
Kathy Mac (5)
Jesse Tremaine
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Roy W. McLean (2)
Stephanie Stewart
Simonetta Lanzi
John Blackmore
Robin Sarafinchan
Paul Doucette
Lisa Wentzell


Nicholas Strachan




Before dawn, the solemn mist is impenetrable:
There is no sound except the slow-lapping of water on rock
Which is no sound at all;
We can not see beyond the lake-flat surface of cool grey,
Were never meant to...
And so we wait.

At what moment will his shrill cry come
As come it must to give purpose to my patience?
Silence roars when ears expect sound –
­Brush-strokes of colour across grey canvas.
Surely this will mark the coming?
His laugh, crystal-breaking, lunatic,
Rings ripples along flatness;
It breaks against the ice-scraped rock
And pine of Canadiana,
And falls, splashing, silent.

And I smile.
Tom Thompson: re-incarnated



The last few steps
are always the toughest.
Up, against the most natural
and maddening law
of gravity, to her pale
and open veranda.

Romeo, and the problem
of difference: up there;
down here. And
why the grand Contractor never
seems to see fit
to design a staircase into the structure
I’ll never know.

And yet Juliet waits:
there, beneath the pale moon
she stands
and parts her lips
to utter, “Romeo.

art thou?”


In Your Daddy’s House

The bright click of billiard balls
And the familiar comfort of candles
Refracting light through chablis
On the worn, Persian carpet
Mingle to assure me of cause and effect
Beyond uncertainty.

If I had said I loved you then,
In that delicate moment,
The sounding chimes, complacent
In the gentle wind of your daddy’s veranda,
Would have told us both
You loved me too.

In the wicker cage by the window
Your daddy’s gold finch beaks its bars.
The bright balls kiss and separate
Across the green expanse.
The colours fade and fleck
Like paint, now, in my tenement room.


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