Fathom 1987



Inside Cover



Paul Keen (2)
Paula Alexiadis
Alex Gigeroff
Nicholas Strachan (3)
Joe Blades (6)
Kathy Mac (5)
Jesse Tremaine
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Roy W. McLean (2)
Stephanie Stewart
Simonetta Lanzi
John Blackmore
Robin Sarafinchan
Paul Doucette
Lisa Wentzell


Kathy Mac



not knowing how you feel
knowing you feel

touch you &
there is no god

touch me
remind me     I
have been mistaken alone

     by myself
     where & how & when –
     no surprises, no
     godlike we are solitary

fumbling together
not knowing how you feel right now
knowing you feel

trying & failing
       & failing
       & failing
       & succeeding

       & not

of a race  we
touch each


narrow world

I am encouraged to grow up
     spike heels &
     pout like a child

as long as I remember
     I’ve been warned           
     against growing out
     becoming round

this body can’t get taller


[empty house]

empty house
I hide my eyes
to cry


he & me

he says too busy
i think no too chickenshit
he don’t hang around we don’t talk

i ask friends they say
    maybe he fucking someone else
    i should ask,
    might could be i should try yelling
    till he notice me,
    or they all do that, gotta learn
    take it or trash him

he phone me up
we talk me tongue tied
i do no thing again



separate one thread

     where our lives touch
     I feel robbed
     out of love

analyse – number of strands
the colour, changes
of colour

     you made love with my father
         & my brother
     & my first love, first time

     I could hate you for loving
     me so much

broken down
don’t add up

     not hate –
     we are the sum of more moments
     spent together
     than my head can realize

woven into cloth


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