Fathom 1987



Inside Cover



Paul Keen (2)
Paula Alexiadis
Alex Gigeroff
Nicholas Strachan (3)
Joe Blades (6)
Kathy Mac (5)
Jesse Tremaine
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Roy W. McLean (2)
Stephanie Stewart
Simonetta Lanzi
John Blackmore
Robin Sarafinchan
Paul Doucette
Lisa Wentzell


Paul Keen



lady on a downtown sidewalk

lady, you are old enough
to look into my face with decent
recognition       and i of course,
still young enough to answer.
understanding lingers – downtown backdrop
sidewalks        memory grey of crowds
the touch of eyes       two lives
two ends of passing        cutting through
a din of lunch hour urgency
of elbows lurch
to storefront counters.
        but you and i lady,
we understand the myths,
engage the anonymities.
lines woven through disorder
pass to blink of eyes
meet eyes – lady, you are old enough


Fun With Words

low tide halifax
and the mist
rolls in
around the shell
that i
present to you
she sells
sea shells
the tide
and the seas
and the mist
rolls in
around the shell
that i
become for you


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