Fathom 1987



Inside Cover



Paul Keen (2)
Paula Alexiadis
Alex Gigeroff
Nicholas Strachan (3)
Joe Blades (6)
Kathy Mac (5)
Jesse Tremaine
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Roy W. McLean (2)
Stephanie Stewart
Simonetta Lanzi
John Blackmore
Robin Sarafinchan
Paul Doucette
Lisa Wentzell


Joe Blades



the dark

unable to see the pen
or my thoughts
I write & sometimes
it doesn’t say very much
if anything

writing the dark insides
everything nothing
sounds real
like the girl
with straight blonde hair
spread on her black coat
who asked it I had an extra cigarette

I don’t smoke

in the dark again
I should have gotten off with her
in the dark


in my hand

we had a relationship
in writing
        but now I stay
at her home
& when I break dishes
she stabs
in my hand


[the colosseum is cold pizza]

the colosseum is cold pizza
at 3000 lira a slice

decaying stone arena
gladiator labyrinth exposed
& fifty thousand seats

& sanctuary for thousands
of scrawny destitute cats
stairs hollow worn
by millions of feet
climbing & climbing
this capitol erection
atop nero’s golden house


sunrise in grand falls

cracking frost
head pops
out sleeping bag


[feet sweating]

feet sweating
in mountain boots
I climb stairs


his coffee shop confession

when sleeping in darkness
   or night
         becomes impossible
he lives in donut shops
   until the hours of morning

when teaching too large
   a guitar class
        causes him to falter
he talks to psychiatrists
   wanting to understand why

when unclasping a bra
  becomes frustrated fumbling
      he ceases to try
going that far
  & passes up contact

when seeing the word through
  spelt thru
     unnerves him
he stops doing
  & starts to worry

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