Fathom 1987



Inside Cover



Paul Keen (2)
Paula Alexiadis
Alex Gigeroff
Nicholas Strachan (3)
Joe Blades (6)
Kathy Mac (5)
Jesse Tremaine
Gina M. Beaton (2)
Roy W. McLean (2)
Stephanie Stewart
Simonetta Lanzi
John Blackmore
Robin Sarafinchan
Paul Doucette
Lisa Wentzell


Gina M. Beaton



Lovely Delusions

Lovely delusions translate
emotions into images
Lovely delusions create
clouds of grotesque realities.

The toleration of self-deceptions
Leads to primitive shadows
Like a deep twilight
As still as death
obscured by darkness and light

Blind as one who does not see
The meaning behind the words
A multitude of dreams
In a constant state of tension
your arbitrary illusions

Light grows darker as the sun sets
Personal myths step into view
Where the rain falls
transported to a mythic realm
Response to memory
Pain and pleasure in symmetry


[The grim relics]

The grim relics
in remote regions
occult weapons
a sacred precinct
Your haughty wisdom achieved
in your isolation
the proof with which
you rely upon
like a sinister despot

Remove the ambitions
of a heathen
to gain
nuclear wisdom
power and privilege
bestowed upon thee


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