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Pam Heaven (4)
Lex Gigeroff (2)
Joe Blades (3)
Andrew Little (2)
Babila Mutia
Lord Byron (3)
Ajay Heble
Margaret Heneghan
Robyn Gladwin (2)
Sean Bedell (2)
Marin Acker
Thorn Wells
Shandi Mitchell
Moritz Gaede
Lesley Wilson
Jane Everitt
David E. Ayer


Ajay Heble
Lori MacLean


Elizabeth Stephen


Thom Wells



Paint Me Acceptable

Black market babies,
White slave markets,
I can’t handle maybes,
Stake your bets.

Paint me acceptable.
Not black,
It ain’t no fable,
Black’s no good,
And white’s too pale.
Yellow’s Hong Kong,
And red’s all gone.
Tell me who’s right,
You’ve been painting all night.

Colours all around,
And none are right I’ve found.


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