Fathom 1985



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Pam Heaven (4)
Lex Gigeroff (2)
Joe Blades (3)
Andrew Little (2)
Babila Mutia
Lord Byron (3)
Ajay Heble
Margaret Heneghan
Robyn Gladwin (2)
Sean Bedell (2)
Marin Acker
Thorn Wells
Shandi Mitchell
Moritz Gaede
Lesley Wilson
Jane Everitt
David E. Ayer


Ajay Heble
Lori MacLean


Elizabeth Stephen


Babila Mutia



First Music Lesson
(For T-A T: so many questions, few answers).

that strike so suddenly
like lightning,
crippling, maiming...

suffocating, bitter,
the wages of sin and karma
that we bear,
our cross that none
but we must carry
as we trudge, blood-drenched faces,
staggering towards Golgotha.

discordant like the isolated
♯ &  ♭
on the Yamaha keyboard.

In this vortex,
the left hand, frail anima,
lost pilgrim in Dante’s inferno
strikes the C major,
and the deluded dance
of atoms in a desperate
swirl of cacophony
search for the elusive godhead.

The right hand
dances in the gloomy shadows
of black and white keys,
the solitary spectrum of impotent animus.

In this ethereal stillness,
soul-searching melody
of left and rights,
makes the universe stand still:
deceptive interlude of pregnant silence,
just for a while
before the fragile man-woman-made china
shatters again in a thousand fragments.


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