Fathom 1985



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Pam Heaven (3)
Lex Gigeroff (2)
Joe Blades (3)
Andrew Little (2)
Babila Mutia
Lord Byron (3)
Ajay Heble
Margaret Heneghan
Robyn Gladwin (2)
Sean Bedell (2)
Marin Acker
Thorn Wells
Shandi Mitchell
Moritz Gaede
Lesley Wilson
Jane Everitt
David E. Ayer


Ajay Heble
Lori MacLean


Elizabeth Stephen


Andrew Little



Slow Traverse

The musical alchemy of sound
In nature’s song of river roar
For the metaphysical shift
Is silent, in slow century notes
Of rocks, hills and trees.

The detection of unheard harmony
The domain of god and poets:
The half-notes carved
In a thousand eroding hills
By plants trilling a cosmic quaver
In the pulsing rhythm of nature.

I hurry with the river
Breathlessly following the path
In the noisy flow of things.
By now, alchemic transmutation.

Listening to the ethereal wind in
My slow, slowing, breathing;
An awesome ringing silence,
With loneliness falling into eternity.

The sound of the earth vibrating, shifting,
In ceaseless ecstasy, centuries become seconds
As I breathe with the warm
Singing crystal mountains, changed,
Beauty etched as eternity winds down.

The spell breaks over me
Like rivers running wide
On old water carved stones.
Tunes fading, the flow of being,
Drying, dying.  



The surface of words reflecting, refining
Ideas of virtuous subtle complexity
As intricate design of phrases, defining
Skin stretched taut on perplexity.

For illumination comes from within
Penetrating the surface not without
Hiding, magnifying personal sin
And finding ourselves a lonely bout

Dangerous delving in inner soul
Tracing elemental core, entire whole;
The essence of being, our goal.

Without revealing outer hordes
Denying existence of other worlds
Beyond refracted surface words.


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