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Pam Heaven (4)
Lex Gigeroff (2)
Joe Blades (3)
Andrew Little (2)
Babila Mutia
Lord Byron (3)
Ajay Heble
Margaret Heneghan
Robyn Gladwin (2)
Sean Bedell (2)
Marin Acker
Thorn Wells
Shandi Mitchell
Moritz Gaede
Lesley Wilson
Jane Everitt
David E. Ayer


Ajay Heble
Lori MacLean


Elizabeth Stephen


Volume 4, Number 1
Spring 1985


Editor: Linda Burnett
Editorial Board:
Margaret Harrison
Robyn Gladwin
John Bruce
Sean Bedell
Cover Illustration: Andy Knight
Faculty Advisor: Professor A. Wainwright



Fathom is published from the Department of English. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia No portion of this magazine may be reprinted without the permission of the editors or authors involved. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Faculty of Arts & Science and the Faculty of Graduate Studies (or the partial funding of this issue.


Editor’s Message                         

Meet the issue of this magazine that almost wasn’t published! After announcing a January 25th deadline for submissions last September, we (myself and the editorial board) waited, and waited, and waited.... By Christmas one or two contributions had arrived, by January 25th only a few more. Devastated, we thought we were going to have to abandon this issue. Nevertheless we made a last ditch attempt to solicit contributions. Anyone who might possibly write poetry or stories was approached and personally asked to submit. Then they started. Submissions rolled in from both those we had asked and those we had never spoken to. Two things became clear: poets are either very shy souls who must be pleaded with to show their work or they don’t like to acknowledge deadlines, assuming, perhaps, that we should be glad to accept their submissions whenever they decide to offer them. We were!
     This year for the first time we’ve included a commentary section. Needless to say, the opinions expressed in this essay do not necessarily reflect either my opinions or those of the other board members. The remarks made about free verse by Elizabeth Stephen are, however, provocative, and response is invited. Space permitting, another commentary will be included in our next issue. Here and now, though, I can’t resist quoting a few lines in defence of free verse from Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Aurora Leigh:

     What form is best for poems? Let me think
     Of forms less, and the external. Trust the spirit,
     As sovran nature does, to make the form;
     For otherwise we only imprison spirit
     And not embody. Inward evermore
     To outward, – so in life, and so in art
     Which still is life.

     I offer thanks to the writers whose work appears in this issue, all those who expressed interest and support with their submissions, and everyone who took the time to read through the poems and stories in order to offer advice and comment. Especially deserving of appreciation are Elizabeth Stephen (who, while not a member of the editorial board, never missed a meeting and contributed much editorially to this issue), and C.D. who demanded not to be thanked.
     Keep writing!




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