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(For Usha D., Pietermaritzberg, Natal, South Africa, 1982)

My heart breaks
I see not the reds and blues and yellows
of your lands, O Africa.
   I cannot yield to your grassy arms in sleep
     without dreaming of brothers
laid to rest beneath
   their blood coursing through your veins,
I dare not watch your sunset lade, for
how many lives have faded
   under angry skies
all too silent in passing?
O Africa,
your treasures of diamonds and gold
   are dust to me.
     How can they matter
when your people are dying
 in a bitter struggle
    to walk freely together
      in your cities
         in the townships
            on the earth of your fields?
Why can you look at the skin and judge me
 yet turn away from the eyes?
   My eyes are my soul
 and my soul cannot be broken by you.

No, best you don’t look me in the eye
     for then you would be frightened
 by the strength you see within.

We of your land are tired.
  You have seen our weakness
you have heard our screams
  but listen
  we are breathing down your collar
  we will sing freedom into your ears
and ours
  is an almighty Choir
     whose moment is here.

Have you made ready?


hollow cost 11:59:59

the fire overwhelms us.

that which we
  prayed to
    dreamt about
becomes our worst nightmare
our vaguest vision
(because time is nearsighted)

the hollow cost of our free dumb.


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