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Lord Byron (3)
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David E. Ayer


Ajay Heble
Lori MacLean


Elizabeth Stephen





A Survivor On The Rocks

Carolyn, Carolyn
Working in the dingy depths
By the pungent beer stained steps
Anonymity is your reward
Sensitivity you can ill afford

Freedom, freedom
Your soul it calls
Hear it echo against the walls
No one hears, no one cares
The sex-starved crowd just sips and stares

Orders, orders
Throughout your life
Make you strike out with a knife
Castrate all authority
Assert your individuality

Chemicals, chemicals
Filled your head
From harsh reality thus you fled
Against hypocrisy you had to rebell
But in a plastic dream world you fell

Writing, writing
In your subterranean domain
Exorcise the emotion which remains
Paper feelings can’t be broken
All affection rests unspoken.


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