Fathom 1985



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Pam Heaven (4)
Lex Gigeroff (2)
Joe Blades (3)
Andrew Little (2)
Babila Mutia
Lord Byron (3)
Ajay Heble
Margaret Heneghan
Robyn Gladwin (2)
Sean Bedell (2)
Marin Acker
Thorn Wells
Shandi Mitchell
Moritz Gaede
Lesley Wilson
Jane Everitt
David E. Ayer


Ajay Heble
Lori MacLean


Elizabeth Stephen


Lord Byron



[with a cup of tea]

with a cup of tea
     and enough time
I could read the world.

Even broken glass
     In a parking lot
reflects the moon.


On a statue

That Christ
Stood outside the church
   for 800 years
And they still won’t
   let him in.


[Sit with me for a minute]

Sit with me for a minute
We’ll dream up
     an abstraction
and then go out
and kill for it.


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